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February 18, 2019 5 min read

DaVinci is a popular name in the vaporizer industry, known for stylish units that are packed with innovative features. They've established a noteworthy reputation in the past few years, so we reached out to the DaVinci team to discover what caused such a substantial growth.  Read on and find out more about their motivation, work process, achievements as well as challenges they had to overcome on their path to success.

What is DaVinci? What do your vaporizers do best and who are they made for?

At DaVinci, we are inspired to further advance the consciousness of man by bringing innovative solutions to society’s needs. We do this by empowering the cannabis experience with our state of the art vaporizers.
We believe in crafting products that serve their purpose extremely well; at this moment, that is dry herb. While our products can be used by novice and experienced users alike; we build for the connoisseur. Simply put- those that want the best.

You are one of the leading vaporizer brands on the market today. What do you think is the secret behind your success?

We don’t settle for mediocrity in our design. If the product is not innovative or doesn’t solve a problem, we won’t release it. Our customers have come to expect that our products meet the above criteria, and we refuse to disappoint.

Many businesses in the cannabis industry are known to have rough beginnings. What was it like for DaVinci in the first few years?

We’re very humble about our beginnings, and our current position. We are one of the few brands in the cannabis space that has completely bootstrapped our operation- and we’re very proud of that. We were fortunate enough to get recognition as a top contender before the space became saturated, but the first few years- especially those when we were in the product design phase were a bit shaky.

Where are you situated and how many employees do you have?

Our headquarters is in Las Vegas, NV however we also house employees in China to oversee our sampling and production. Between the 2 offices, we have about 27 full-time employees.

What skills/characteristics are you looking in your employees? How does one become a member of the DaVinci team?

We’ve always had a culture first approach to hiring at DaVinci. Skills are always something that can be learned, but the fit is a must- especially given the long hours we all spend together! We hire and promote based on our set of values- GEFID- Gutsy, Exceptional, Fun, Innovative and Driven. Given that we inhouse our engineering, design, sales, marketing, logistics and customer service; skill sets are broad.

Could you tell us more about your scholarship program? 

Our scholarship program was created to entice students and institutions to break the stigma associated with cannabis and get some great content in the process. We have some mild success with it and will be pursuing this in the future.

You have many authorized resellers, including both online and brick and mortar shops. What are the biggest challenges of distribution at this scale?

Yes, we do. While there are many challenges that come with this, the most prevalent is to ensure that all retailers are knowledgeable about DaVinci and what our differentiating features are. We’ve developed an online learning system to help teach each reseller how to sell the products, and do our best to educate each one.

Your products are available all around the world. Do you see the vaporizers becoming more popular in areas besides the US?

Absolutely! People are realizing not only the health benefits of vaporization but that there is so much science in the boiling points of the cannabinoids. That, we feel is where the future lays: in being able to really access these individual cannabinoids to craft your own experience.

We see you’re active in online communities, such as Reddit. How does their feedback help you in developing your products?

We are very active on social forums. These communities are very passionate and share with us both the good and the bad. Their feedback helps us to better hone our products, see our missteps faster and sometimes they give us some great suggestions about what they would like to see next. Besides that, it gives us a platform to communicate with our family outside of the normal customer service setting. 

What do you think of the vaporizer industry today? What are some things that should be improved?

The industry has changed a lot since we first entered in in 2011. Technology is evolving at the speed of light, and new features and materials are being used. While there are a few standout players, which all engineer unique products, we’re seeing more and more white label products (ie putting a silk screen logo on a mass produced Chinese factory brand, and calling it unique) come to market, as well as Chinese brands selling directly to the consumer. My hope is that there be more standards for material safety set in the vaporization space. DaVinci is very meticulous to only use medical grade materials, which are proven safe and we perform a wide range of testing to ensure this. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for everyone else.

You were very successful at Spannabis in 2017 and won the “Best Product Award”. What are some other accomplishments you’re especially proud of?

We plan on winning that again and again! In addition to this, we’re very proud of all of the positive reviews that we’ve received, including some top reviewers touting us as the #1 Vaporizer year over year. The media has also picked up on this, and we have earned our stripes from top publications such as Forbes, Maxim, and Popular Mechanics.

What is the next step for DaVinci? Can we expect new releases in the upcoming years?

At DaVinci, we’re always working on something new, and we have a very aggressive development roadmap. While I can’t comment on anything specifically, we do plan to release a product for every cannabis connoisseur on the coming years, so stay tuned!

We want to thank the DaVinci team for taking the time for this interview. If you want to find out more, check out their website here, or support them on Instagram here.

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