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December 28, 2018 7 min read

Did you ever see a vaporizer older than Jesus? Well, now you can, at least according to Ed, the man behind the gorgeous WoodScents log vaporizers. A devoted family man on weekends and a contagiously enthusiastic woodworker on weekdays, Ed has a huge passion for unique wood pieces, detail-oriented work and, of course, vaping. He's behind every WoodScents vaporizer, singlehandedly managing wood selection, design and final crafting of these unique pieces. Read along to find out how a 12$ sale transformed into a successful brand we all know and love today. 

Who is Ed?

I know it sounds corny, but I’m just a guy who loves what he does and am so thankful that others love what I do just as much. I get to turn Mother Nature’s hard work into beautiful functional devices that help to alleviate pain and enhance the user’s experience. What’s cooler than that?

What is Ed's TNT?

TnT is short for Tote’n Tokes, but a lot has changed since then. I wanted to offer wooden pipes I called ‘totes’ that could be easily held in hand, carried in your pocket or thrown in your bag. You could load it for a quick solid hit, or pass it around to your friends. My totes hit and hit hard, if you got into them they would let you know with a kick and a cough. 

When did you start?

I started all this in February 2007. Gosh, what a tough first year that was. I went 18 months before my first sale, finally I got one and man, I was on top of the world that day! My first sale was a little over $12, how crazy is that? One sale led to another and before I knew it, I was making money.

Ed In His Workshop

From stumbling upon vaporizers almost by accident to becoming one of the fans favorites - how did that happen?

I had been making pipes and then dugouts, because who doesn’t like a one-hitter, right? I started gaining traction and was finally making it happen. A guy that bought one of my dugouts reached out to me saying he really enjoyed my work and had added it to a combustion thread at FC. I was lost and knew nothing of FC nor vaporization. I began to learn more about it and the same guy asked me if I could make a stem for an AromaZap. One thing led to another, wasn’t long until I was making stems for this and that, consequently doing less and less dugouts and pipes.

You've been doing this for a very, very long time. What were some of the biggest challenges and obstacles you've faced?

People say that often and it makes me feel like an old-timer! At first, it was “Are you stupid, no one is going to buy wood crack pipes!” But, then they did. A laugh here, a jab there, I heard it all. Time has been the biggest challenge in the past and still can be. This business has been like a roller coaster - it’s up and down, round and round. Never a dull moment. There is always something to do at Ed’s TnT.

You have a unique approach when it comes to doing business and making products. What does your creative process look like? What does Ed do on a day to day basis?

Bro, I keep it real! I only offer what I would want to buy. I know my work isn’t cheap and I don’t expect you to buy cheap crap either. My customers have come to expect quality and consistency. Even though every piece is hand turned, each and every piece is almost identical.

If it doesn’t look the best I can do, there is no point in doing it. I hate when you can see lines or dings in a piece, they got to be out of sight. I want it to feel like it isn’t wood and when it hits the floor it isn’t glass. I want my work to be a piece someone asks you about. I want it to last too, who wants to spend a lot of money on something that doesn’t?

I’m an early bird, up before daylight with a pot of coffee. Flip flops on, and out to the shops I go! I like to give it hell from the start until my giving is gone. I like to do my admin stuff early in the week, then work like hell for the rest of the week. The weekend is for family, who I do it all for.

WoodScents Vaporizer In Progress

Could you tell us more about the materials you use? Where do you source those from? Which ones were the most exciting for you to work with?

I’m so lucky to be able to get my hands on those treasures. I source my woods from all over the world. Have gotten lucky to know a few solid dealers with only the best species and cuts like no one else. Scoring these beauties isn’t like anything else. I see them in a few pics or buy sight-unseen, only because my guy says it’s choice. When I get to see them in hand, I often remember what my friend said: “Wood day is like a Makers Christmas!”

I have a guy that has a plantation in central America where for almost 100 years he and his partner have been growing the most colorful figured pieces of that species I have ever seen. I once got some Ukrainian BogOak that was radiocarbon dated to be over 5,200 years old! How stinking cool is that - have you ever seen a vaporizer older than Jesus? Burls are always a blast to get, those are truly diamonds in the rough. You all think VAS is tough, WAS is a real sickness. I can’t help myself, it’s my crack!

When you look at the currently available wooden vaporizers on the market, how do you see those evolving over time? How would you compare them with other vaping solutions?

I would love to see the other wood vapes gain more traction. I want to see us all go even more mainstream. Wood vapes have been a niche for so long, they should be seen by more. They don’t have a whole lot of bells and whistles, not much bling, no snazzy digital screens with buttons that do this or that. WoodScents is straightforward and does what you’d expect it to do.

I would like to see a bit more control in wood vapes, without losing the beauty of what they are. Wireless would be neat without a big huge bulky battery pack. Log vapes, in general, are amazing conservation tools. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get lifted, nor do you have to feed the beast. They can be used for micro-dosing and quick rips when needed. They can also milk a water tool when used correctly. It’s all about what you want and when you want it.

WoodScents Vaporizer

What would be your recommendations for somebody new to wooden vapes? What do they need to know?

It's not rocket science, there isn’t a whole lot of bells and whistles because they aren’t needed. WoodScents follows the tried and true KISS method.
Personally, I like it hot. I set mine to 9-10, do my thing, and get geared up. I give my material a nice finger grind. Using the straw method, I load the stem and give it a light tamp. I will place it over the heat port and give it a long, slow and steady draw. This technique does it for me.

We know you did a lot of collaborations with other manufacturers - could you tell us more about those and how they came to be?

I made a few Zap stems, which was fun, but went to CHAMPS (I think it was in 2010.) I also had been asked by someone to make a MFLB stem. I gave it a go, and they loved it. Made a handful and met the MF team at their table. Next thing I knew, I was turning thousands of stems for them. I’ve done work for a few other companies and it’s been fun. Just lately, I did a few for Boundless and sent them out to Eric who really enjoyed them.

It’s cool to know that my work makes a difference. That’s all I want, to know that what I did makes the experience better in some way. Whether it gets a crummy piece of plastic out of your mouth, cools the vapor slightly or allows you to do something that you weren’t able to before. A lot of what I have been able to do is because of the great community I am blessed to be a part of. It’s all started by and with them and will be for and with them in the days ahead. I can’t do what I love without the support and encouragement of the community.

Ed's Collaboration With Boundless Vapes

You're working hard on bringing your products to European customers. Do you have an estimate when your vaporizers might be available in the EU?

I had hoped to have had it by now, but it isn’t an easy process. There is a whole lot to it, and I’ve been working really hard this past year to make it happen. I am much closer than I was, and fingers crossed it happens very soon. Please, hang in there with me.

What's new in store for Ed's TNT in 2019? Could you share some of your plans for the future with our audience?

I have several ideas floating around and will be working hard to make them happen. However, I don’t want to announce them and not be able to produce. I’ve done that in the past and I would get them done but it took me quite a bit longer than I planned. It's not hard to get buried for a while with retail, dealers and custom orders. Let’s just say I always have something cooking, so keep an eye out.

We want to thank Ed for finding the time to give us more insight into his work! 

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