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December 06, 2018 4 min read

Ghost was founded in 2015 by three lifelong friends with a single goal - to build the best vaporizer in the world. After countless hours of research, design, and development, the Ghost MV1 vaporizer was born. Determined to learn more about their technology and design process, we reached out to Ghost founders with our questions and curiosities. If you are considering getting the MV1 yourself or just want to know more about what happens behind the curtains of vaporizer development, load your bowl and read our full interview below.

What is Ghost? What does your brand represent?

Ghost is a cutting-edge vaporizer technology and manufacturing business. The MV1, our first product is a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. Our brand value is built around the desire to produce cutting edge, beautifully designed and best in class vaporizers that work equally well with both dry herb & concentrates.

When did you guys start? Where are you located?

The company was founded in the UK and originally commenced product development 3 years ago but the official launch of the MV1 took place at Champs in Las Vegas in February 2018. Our US headquarters are in Los Angeles but the product was originally designed in the UK. We have regional offices in London and Jersey but we are in the process of expanding our operations globally.

What does your MV1 vape do best? How does it compare to other flagship products on the market?

The Ghost MV1 is a true full convection vaporizer. We believe the MV1 vaping experience is unparalleled, providing purity of flavor for both dry herbs and concentrates, where customers can for the first time truly taste what they smell but without resulting heat or harshness. Our technology delivers cool, tasty, on-demand vapor with full and efficient extraction, via an ergonomically designed and easy to use device. We leave it up to the top reviewers to comment on how the MV1 compares to other products but we genuinely believe the MV1 is the leading home portable vape on the market today.

Ghost MV1 in Rose Gold

You have a worldwide presence and your products are available on all continents. How difficult is it to run an international project like Ghost?

Great question! Of course, international operations have challenges but that's why you work with experienced professionals. Our team has some past history of working together on developing and bringing complex devices to market worldwide so it’s not the first time for us.

Tell us about your biggest accomplishments - what are your biggest wins as a team?

Solving the technical difficulty of superheating air in seconds, while accurately maintaining the temperature across an entire draw cycle was hard enough but preserving the flavor and immediately cooling it down at the same time was truly groundbreaking. Our biggest accomplishment - as important as bringing the revolutionary Ghost MV1 to market, is securing top-tier status from industry reviewers and then hearing the same thing from satisfied customers every day of the week. Providing our customers with the experience they have been yearning for is the reason we took the effort to design the MV1 in the first place.

Could you share a great story involving the brand? Customer success stories, manufacturing EUREKA moments - that kind of stuff.

I think one of the best things to witness with the MV1 is the customer reaction to their experience the first time they use it. The full flavor extraction, taste, and coolness of the vapor is something they haven’t experienced previously, so watching this reaction on someone’s face is something that always provides us with great satisfaction.

Vaporizers are super-popular and the industry is growing year over year. How do you see that landscape evolving in the next couple of years?

At Ghost, we really believe the future lies in vaporizing as opposed to combusting - a far healthier and more rewarding way to enjoy your herbs. There’s still a lot of education to take place in the market but customers will continue to demand more refined experiences and it’s up to us as manufacturers to surpass those expectations with the products that we bring to market.

What should we look forward to from you guys at the end of 2018? What are your main goals for 2019?

Well, we recently launched our new flagship Stealth Edition MV1 and demand is certainly exceeding expectations but without giving too much away we will have to keep you tuned in. I can promise you we have some really exciting developments taking place in 2019 and beyond.

Ghost MV1 in Stealth Black

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We want to thank the Ghost team for this interview. We will be running a special promotion with the Ghost team starting on December 10th. Sign up to our mailinglist to find out more.

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