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February 07, 2019 2 min read

Inspired by the founders' love for outdoor adventure, the Pyptek pipes are known to be nearly indestructible. Although 2019 is a busy year for them, the Pyptek team was more happy to give us more insight into their brand. Read on to find out about their motivation, workflow, and plans for the future!

What is Pyptek? Where are you located?

Pyptek is a brand created with roots from the outdoor industry. We are always hiking, biking, skiing, climbing, fishing, etc. and wanted a glass pipe that we could take on our missions. We didn’t think one existed, so we made one! We are blessed to be located in Colorado!

When was Pyptek founded? What were your beginnings like?

We started about 5 years ago. It’s always a little hard starting from ground zero, but we feel we have built some solid foundations to keep this ship sailing
Your pipes are known for being virtually indestructible. What is the secret behind this durability?

Our pipes are made from the highest quality materials, from 6061-T6 aluminum to the highest quality glass you can get. We make sure that quality isn’t sacrificed anywhere along the way allowing us to maintain the high standards we hold.

From the design to the final product - how many people are involved in your production process?

We handle R&D internally. We rely on multiple machine shops, glass blowers, and others to help us make our products. Our parts and pieces get made in 5 states, involve dozens of people and multiple businesses to help us make our products and get them to market.

What does a work day at Pyptek Labs look like?

We are a lot different than most of the industry. We definitely embrace the industry, but it’s more of a relaxed office environment with product development as the focus. We have a 3D printer running constantly and glass samples and new parts churning often. So, we are always staying busy and trying to improve what and how we do things. We do find time to “hang out” but it’s usually not during the workday.

Where are you mainly focusing your sales and distribution? What are the day-to-day challenges?

This industry is a bit different from others. Even though it “appears” new, it actually has some old roots. Navigating that was tricky at first, but we now have great distributors all over the world!

What made you decide to base your entire production in the US?

Our unwillingness to sacrifice quality for cheaper pricing.  Part of why we created the company was because we felt most of the stuff on the market wasn’t good enough.

Laser Marking

Do you plan to release anything new in 2019?

YES!!!! We have a Bubbler, Grinder, and DayDreamer all in the mix for 2019!!!!!

Pyptek Product Line

We want to thank the Pyptek team for taking the time for this interview.

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