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Abraxian Precooler

Combining a stylish appearance with impressive functionality, the Abraxian Precooler was made in England using the same traditional techniques that gave birth to their Merakiand Elysianwater pipes. Its long body provides a substantial cooling effect, while it also doubles as an ash catcher for a more purified smoking experience. The result are smoother hits and significantly less build up in your main piece. Completed with a sleek golden decal, this precooler is an ideal upgrade for your Abraxian water pipe.  


  • Sold exclusively at Vootra
  • An ideal upgrade for Abraxian water pipes
  • Handmade with thick borosilicate glass
  • Cools down smoke for a smoother smoking experience
  • Filters out ash and reduces the amount of pollutants
  • Leaves your glass piece with less build-up and residue
  • Covered with the Abraxian legacy promise