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Domestic WoodScents Vaporizer

The WoodScents log vaporizer is an ultimate solution for your every vaping need. Wrapped in a beautifully sculpted wood exoskeleton sits a ceramic cartridge heater and a titanium air path, which are responsible for the first-class flavor and vapor quality this vaporizer is known for. It’s shipped in a box with an extensive list of accessories, including a DynaVap Cap - so you'll get two vapes with one purchase.

Covered with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee(learn more)

      • Every unit is handcrafted with high-quality materials
      • Small and lightweight
      • Fully adjustable temperature allows ultimate customization
      • Convection heating and titanium air path ensure pure flavor
      • Shipped with an extensive list of accessories
      • Every unit comes with a titanium VapCap flame powered vaporizer
      • Backed with a lifetime warranty for electrical/power parts as well as the internals and heating element




    Domestic Woodscents

    Beautiful Handcrafted Design. Pure flavor. Superior vapor quality. Versatile. Easy to use. Packed with Accessories. Top rated by fans. The legendary Woodscents log vaporizer is the ultimate solution for your every vaping need.

    Handmade By Ed

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    No bells and whistles. WoodScents is straightforward and does what you’d expect it to do.