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EHLE Medusa Dab Rig

You don’t need to time travel to ancient Greece to get stoned by Medusa, EHLE Glass has got you covered with their gorgeous dab rig. This unique piece comes with a fixed sidearm, making sure your every draw is a full-on monster hit, while the four diffuser arms distribute the smoke evenly throughout the chamber. Each Medusa is individually crafted with utmost attention to detail, which can be noticed most vividly in the beautiful multicolored details. Completed with a bent neck that allows easy handling, this lovely rig is a perfect piece for both new and experienced dabbers alike.


  • Comes with a titanium nail and a dome
  • The 4-arm percolator diffuses the smoke and spreads it evenly throughout the chamber
  • Made with high-grade borosilicate glass in Germany
  • Joint size: 18,8 mm
  • Each part of the rig is handmade so the colors and shape may vary
  • The Medusa rigs are crafted once ordered, so expect slightly delayed shipping