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Lotus Vaporizer Kit

Simple yet immensely powerful, the Lotus Vaporizer came straight out of a flavor chaser’s dreams. The Lotus vape is a minimalistic piece built with hard anodized aluminum that cools the vapor and ensures sublime taste. The maple vapor cap attaches to the pipe through a magnet and separates the vapor from butane fumes. This kit also includes a water pipe adapter that matches perfectly to nearly any water tool. 

Covered with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee(learn more)
      • Durable construction
      • Battery-free, flame-powered vaporizer
      • Easy to use and maintain
      • You can use the Lotus with an aluminum stem or a water pipe
      • Delivers outstanding flavor
      • Backed with a 1 Year Warranty


    Lotus Vaporizer

    Indestructible design. Powerful Performance. Versatile Vaping Experience. Battery-Free. Easy to Use. Efficient. The Lotus Vaporizer offers sublime flavor in a portable package.

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