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MV1 Vaporizer

Wrapped in a lightweight alloy skeleton shaped to perfectly fit your hand, the MV1 is an ingenious device released by Ghost. Designed with quality as the only drive force, this intricate unit lifts the bar for what a premium portable vaporizer should be. Powered by a custom engineered battery pack reinforced with an electronic management chip, the MV1 offers exceptionally long battery life and eradicates the need for constant recharging. Its on-demand, full-convection heating technology is fused with an inbuilt diffuser for a truly cooled and delicious smoking experience. Completed with a convenient app that leaves you completely in charge of your vaping experience, the MV1 is a true hidden gem that deserves to be brought to light.


Crafted in the USA with medical-grade materials including stainless steel and glass
Full-convection heating delivers flavorful and cloudy vapor 
Heats up within 10 seconds, and only 3 seconds for successive draws allowing a true on-demand experience
Comes with a spare crucible so you can preload your herb 
The removable battery pack features an embedded electronic management chip for the ultimate battery life
The retractable mouthpiece allows adjustable airflow
Operated via two buttons and three LED lights
The compatible App offers full control of temperature settings
Shipped with a convenient cleaning kit 
The included concentrate pad allows you to enjoy both your dry herb and oils
Available in several stylish color options 

    What's Included

    Quick Start Guide
    1 x Spare Crucible with Lid
    1 x Concentrate Pad
    3 x Picks
    3 x Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes
    3 x Cleaning Buds.

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      Stealth Black
      Rose Gold

      GHOST MV1


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