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OmniVong XL Vaporizer

Masterfully crafted in the USA with a combination of titanium and hardwood, OmniVong is the king of flame powered vaporizers.The Omnivong offers complete control of your vapor quality as it’s specially designed to allow adjustable airflow. Ultra efficient, travel friendly and built to last a lifetime, this ingenious device will impress both novices and seasoned vapers alike.

    • Includes a 14 mm NonaVonG Body midsection with a titanium Omni Mouthpiece
    • The 14mm taper is built into the stem, matching perfectly with most 14mm adapters
    • 3.5 inch long and comes with a carrying case becoming one of the best devices for your on the go sessions
    • Heats up using lighter or butane torch in less than 10 seconds
    • Doesn’t require any batteries or charging
    • Exceptional build quality and material selection ensure lifetime durability
    • Made in the USA


Light Wood
Dark Wood

OmniVong XL

Battery-free. No electronic parts. Super durable. Easy to load and use. Heats up within seconds. Adjustable airflow. OmniVong XL is the king of flame-powered vaporizers.

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