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Pyptek Nano Pipe

All one-hitters offer portability, but none is as durable as the rock-hard Pyptek Nano. Masterfully crafted in the Pyptek Labs, this pipe features a unique design allowing direct inhalation and big, dense hits. The borosilicate glass airpath ensures rich flavor, while the aero-grade anodized aluminum shell makes Nano nearly indestructible. Ready to withstand every traveling condition, this compact pipe will be your new best buddy while on the go.


  • Available in five vibrant colors, including green, blue, red, purple and black
  • Rubber O-rings connect the housing with the air path
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum shell ensures durability
  • Borosilicate glass core is responsible for pure flavor
  • You can disassemble all parts so this pipe is extremely easy to clean
  • Open design allows you to look at your hits as they travel through the pipe

Pyptek Nano

Unrivaled durability. Simple to use. Effortless cleaning and maintenance. Pure flavor. Discreet design. Pyptek Nano is the best one-hitter on the market.


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Pyptek Nano Pipe