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Smoked Glass Beaker Bong

 Cast from thick borosilicate glass, the Smoked Glass beaker bong from Marley Natural is a perfect fusion of durability and style. The 8-slit showerhead downstem percolator and conveniently spacious expansion chamber give this unique piece the cooled, smooth smoke it’s known for. The attractive smokey tint is completed with a gold stripe that adds a hint of luxury to the otherwise minimal design. Amped up with a thick bolstered base for extra stability, this rugged bong will beautify your glass collection for years to come.


  • Handblown with thick borosilicate glass
  • The base is thickened for additional balance and stability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Angled collar pull-out bowl, eight-slit percolator stem, ice disc, and
  • spacious expansion chamber all add to smoothness and coolness of the smoke
  • Dimensions: 15.36" L x 10.24" W x 6.69" D