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Super Surfer 2 Vaporizer

Improving on the design of the iconic Silver Surfer, the Super Surfer has more features than any other vaporizer available today. From convenient whip inhalation, over the group-friendly bag system, to the ability to handle both herbs and concentrates - this beast can do everything. The newly-added forced-air fan won’t only fill your bag but will also ensure all you inhale is pure herb, while the mood-enhancing LED light show and custom blown heating knob make Super Surfer a perfect display piece as well. Completed with the elegant yet sturdy shell, this monster unit is built to serve you a lifetime.


  • Forced-air fan for filling up bags and filtering debris
  • Made with aluminum and acrylic for the ultimate durability
  • Comes with bag and whip attachments
  • Glass-on-glass elements ensure the purest flavor
  • Ceramic heating element provides evenly distributed convective heat, minimizing the chance of combustion
  • Comes with aroma top that can be used to freshen up the room during your session
  • All necessary accessories are included
  • Separate knobs for temperature, fan and LED system
  • Ships in a high quality hemp and polyester padded bag
  • Supports both dry herb and concentrates
  • Angle of the heater-cover to wand connection prevents the flower from falling into the element
  • LED light-show is available in 13 different modes
  • Backed with a 3 year warranty for all parts except glass
  • The handsfree attachments ensures the most convenient use
Hose Color
Lime Green